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Welcome to Unitec Recycling!

We Recycle Electronics and MORE

Unitec began operations in 2004. We are consistently striving to deliver quality recycling services with programs and electronics recycling drives designed to facilitate e-recycling awareness. Unitec is particularly proud of its association with a number of nonprofit, charitable organizations to whom it has brought significant amounts of refurbished equipment for use in domestic and overseas missions and schools.
Likewise, Unitec has diverted great quantities of e-waste from Illinois landfills through cost-effective material recovery and by returning these byproducts back into the resource stream.

Electronic Recycling For the General Public

As a registered IL EPA recycler, Unitec Recycling Corporation accepts the following electronic devices for proper recycling FREE of charge to households and consumers at our West Chicago facility:
- Computers incl. Printers, scanners, copiers, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.
- Laptops, Notebooks, GPS and other electronic display devices
- Telephones and telecom equipment incl. fax machines and cell phones
- Game consoles, Playstations, controllers and other peripherals
- Video players, DVD players, radios, cassette players etc.
-We do accept Crt monitor/TV for a small fee due to the cost of disaposal of it.
-15" and below $5.00
-17" and below $8.00
-19"-21" and NOn VGA $10.00
-22" and above are $0.26/lb

- Flat screen, plasma and LCD TV's are FREE of charge on all drop off.
- We do charge for media (DATA MEDIA, VHS, TAPES, CD, ETC...) please call for pricing charge. In most case we pickup for free of charge only at some circumstance we may charge for pickup. Please call or email us at info@unitecrecyclingcorp.com for more details. To better server our your company, please provide us a general ideal of your inventory equipment list when email or call.
NOTE: We DO NOT accept cathode ray TV sets for recycling at this time.

Schools, Corporations and Units of Government

Unitec has 8+ years experience and the capacity for large scale asset recovery including but not limited to computers and electronic office machinery.
We also specialize in industrial electronic equipment such as: Electronic Presses Conveyor Systems, Robotics and associated devices. Unitec can customize a Company Asset Recovery Plan providing documentation to meet and exceed State, Federal Regulations and your Corporate Environmental Responsibility record keeping.

See Unitec's commitment to the business community by reading our Asset Recovery Assurance or the Downstream Due Diligence Policies.

Unitec is able to provide pick up at NO CHARGE in most cases for large volume loads for corporations, government, schools, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and any other companies

Please call in advance for this service.

Disclaimer: The items that we sell through our web site, and through our eBay store are all intended for end users with the intention of re-use or refurbishment.

Bench Mark and Commitments

Two benchmarks of Unitec's commitment to sound environmental recycling and disposal processes are:
-In 2010 Unitec became an IL registered recycler and has serveral OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for whom we managed product recycling in this state.
-In 2011 Unitec has scheduled its Stage 1 audit initiating the process to achieve R2 Responsibility Recycling Certification, one of two officially recognized Certifications exclusively for the computer and electronics recycling field.

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